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Privacy Policy

Guard Donkey Mobile App Privacy Policy

Voter Protection Partners’ “Guard Donkey” mobile application uses Location Sharing to help election campaigns effectively and efficiently mobilize volunteers.

How it works

When running Guard Donkey with Location Sharing enabled, your location is securely transmitted to VPP servers. If you move more than 500 meters, your new location will be sent to VPP.

Disabling location sharing

You can temporarily disable location sharing anytime, by sliding the switch labeled "Location Shared" to the left. The application will display the words “Location Not Shared,” and will suspend sending location updates to VPP servers. When you're ready to start reporting your location again, slide the switch to the right, and you're once again reporting your location.

You can also permanently disable location sharing by signing out of the app. To sign out, just tap on the words “Sign Out” in the corner of the app.

Data retention

Only your most recently reported location is stored on VPP servers. We do not keep any logs of your previous locations.

Data sharing

Your location information will never be shared with any outside parties before, during or after the election. Your location information is only used on Election Day, and only by representatives of Voter Protection Partners and the campaign workers who are working with VPP to mobilize volunteers.